Sri Reddamma Thalli Temple Rout Map.

Reddamma Konda Temple is near a place called Gurramkonda in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Gurramkonda itself is about 34km from Madanpalle an important town in the district. You should be able to get buses from Madanpalle to Gurramkonda and then to Reddamma Konda.

Not sure which place you are travelling from, but the prominent nearest railheads for Gurramkonda are:
CUDDAPAH, 86km away on the Mumbai- Chennai main line. All buses that ply to MADANPALLE from Cuddapah should in all likelihood pass through Gurramkonda.

CHITTOOR, 117km away on the Renigunta- Katpadi section. The route is via Pileru and Madanpalle.

sri reddamma-kond rout map


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