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Yellam Palli is located   besides Cherlo Palli which is near to Gurram Konda ( near to Madana  Palli town) in Chittor ( Dt)., A.P. India.   300 years back in Yellam Palli   one former was there. His name is Rami Reddy and his wife name is  Nagamma.  They were very kind to poor  people and used to   help them always. They had  2 sons & 1 daughter.  Daughter’s name  is our so called amma – Reddamma.  She  was very Beautiful. All the people in that village are very affectionate , and had  resepects with  little  Reddamma.

Rami Reddy will be very busy with land works and Naggamma  will be busy in respecting the guests and helping the poor people.  Our little   Reddamma has no work so she used to go forming lands and stands on the  ladder to send away the  birds who makes  the land dirty by throwing  stones. In the  evening times she helps her mother Nagamma in home maid works.

One day our little Reddamma was throwing stones to send away  the birds.  The “Navab” ( King) of the  Gurram Konda was going on that way and saw  the beautiful Reddamma.  He told his soldiers to bring her.  The Soldiers went to brought her. Reddamma  saw the soldiers coming towards her.  She  afraid and took ran.  She ranaway too  far.  Without leaving the soldiers are also  coming back of her.  She ran again and  saw one big hill in front of her.  She did  not have another option to run.  She thought  that only god can save her.” Hey lord Siva & goddess Parvathi please save  me” she shouted.  Immediately  the earth shaked , big light came in the sky  and the hill got a crack in the middle.   Reddamma entered in that crack.  For  that big sound and light all soliders fell down from the horses and stones. One  soldier saw this entire incident. He went back and informed same to the  Navab.  Without making any noice the  Navab went to his home.

This news spread all over the village.  Rami Reddy, Nagamma, their two sons &  daughter  In-Laws cried al lot.  All the village people went to Rami Reddy’s  house.  That night no one slept including  the animals. same night Reddamma came in the dream of  nagamma and told  that  no  need to worry for her and she is in the hill. Nagamma told  this dream to all village people.  In the morning all the people went to the  hill and prayed bala  Reddamma to save  them.   From that day she  became Goddess.

300 years are over  till now Sri Bala Reddamma Thalli is saving  all the devotees.  Especially she is very  kind to childless  couples.  Childless woman has to go  Sri Reddamma Konda   for  3 Sundays continuously and prays Sri Reddamma  Thalli to bless with children.  Almost all  the women is blessed.    In some  cases doctors also cannot do anything but with the blessing of Sri Reddamma  Thalli they got children.   Some couples after  20 years of their married life  they got children after worshipping goddess  Reddamma Thalli.

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